Oct 1, 2010
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    1. wongway
      Hey , I forgot ,how do you email James welch & Jamie peirson ? is it like james.welch@yrcw.com ??
    2. wongway
      shouldn't Triplex shooting post be on the" Off Topic comments page" ? instead of the yrc truck page ?
    3. Trucker 206
      Trucker 206
      ABFer...can you PM me on this overtime deal? I'd like to chat privately with you if that's possible.
    4. silent trucker
      silent trucker
      ABFer, hope you can retire soon. While I don't believe YRC will survive, ABF has the advantage of Mike Moss. He's one hell of a smart son of a bitch.
    5. highspeeds
      Just curious...... if I come over and run my mouth in your forum the way G040 runs his mouth on the Con-way forum, what would happen ?
    6. vedder716
      abfer i dont know if you can answer my question but here goes. I will going to abfs truck driving school in November.And i will be under a 2 year contract,right now im only a casual dock at a end of line terminal, and its really slow.To be honest with you i cant see why they even accepted me in it because i really dont see my self even getting in other than to fill vacations in the summer etc. or if somebody leaves.What if i have no choice but to take a full time job because im not getting in ,Will i have to pay that money back?And if so what am i responsible for ,just tuition which is 750 a week.I planned on going down to the hall too see if they could shed some light on this but havent yet.I would appreciate any info you could give me. thanx
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