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    1. Jodroadway
    2. Silly Goose
      Silly Goose
      Hey missed you on being LAST, Hope you are doing ok Buddy
    3. Skeeter
      Hey AP what's going on long time no talk too. I haven't checked on retirement yet but got a question for you. The 50% option that goes to the wife if I die. Do you know what that cuts the retirement down to? I can retire when I want to the first of July this year... :-)
      1. Apostolic
        I have no idea,however a Teamster friend of mine did something different when he retired.
        I wish I'd have done the same thing.He took the entire pension,then took out a million dollar life insurance on himself,which has a better return then 1/2 of the pension.Now it turns out the Teamsters are cutting the pension benefits on all of us who are getting it.So I think he made the right choice.
        Apr 7, 2016
    4. Skeeter
      Hj from Skeeter,

      Jeff let me back on TB. So you will see me pop in every once in awhile. Isn't there a way to pay for three months at a time for add free?
      Let me know my brother. I got to eat and get ready for church...
    5. Mike432
      Worried about you.Haven't seen you on in a couple of.days...
    6. Redgoat
      The driver is in a coma. But is stable. Looks good. I didn't post this but witness say the bus was moving about 25 mph. and had no taillights.
    7. Big Dave
      Big Dave
      I am LAST! :)
    8. mattjm
      Truck driver, dog killed in fiery crash on I-81 in Silver Spring Township | PennLive.com
    9. groundhog74
      not sure how to post crashes but if you go to abc27.com fatal crash involving penn dot truck makeing u turn......so its not just swift
    10. Jinx
      Hi, We had two crashes at FedEx frieght last night but I don't have time to search..One was in Indianapolis on the the ramp from I-465 to I-65, Rollover...The other was on I-294 the Tri-state toll road around Chicago at the Cermac toll plaza..Our truck hit the concrete median wall..Thanks Jinx..
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