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Feb 22, 2016
Sep 3, 2010
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Redneck Anthropologist

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Feb 22, 2016
    1. Cerberus_Kelpie

      So you're a Redneck Anthropologist, that's neat, since it imbues Anthropo LOGIC al.
      Are you as well Anthropomorphic?
      Seems, from reading these posts, you're a bit anal yet that's your business and I'll leave it there.
      I'm anal as well specifically in the spelling arena also the incorrect usage of certain words area.

      Anyways, let's see what happens when I give ya some UP Rep.

    2. grocerythrower
      Oh my gosh, you never quit do you? I moved from AR just because we are Brothers doesn't mean we have to live in the same city or state for that all your family right there with you? Or did they move far away from you for obvious reasons?

      Toby has his life and I have mine..merry Christmas and happy new year, resolve to be a better person, we should all strive for that.
    3. grocerythrower
      No not just through TB, Toby is my Brother.
    4. grocerythrower
      Look..Toby is a personal friend of mine, he drives a truck, he is highly intelegent, I wish I was a 10th as smart as he is, politics..thats his thing and he is good at it, he lives in a very large city, trust me I have no reason to lie to you, I believe its killing you that you can't find out more about my good friend. I'm sorry that you are getting a red ass because your dealing with a guy like Toby that is completely out of your league...thats it bro, good luck to ya.
    5. grocerythrower
      Hey Jack Ass, you aren't going to out Toby, he won't let you, stop throwing your line out there, go and be a dirt bag somewhere Jeff said..Toby owns you!!
    6. Toby
      Ds I drive a truck for a living don't you worry about that alright.
    7. Toby
      DS What I do For a living and where I live has no bearing on what my political beliefs are.. You are fishing for some reason and I will not take the bait lets just leave it there.
    8. Toby
      DS I do not see how that is of any matter to you.. Sir I do not trust you to start with, we all debate on here and we do so out of respect for one anothers privacy. I do not attempt to put another members name out as you did some time back for purposes that you deemed important, hence I do not trust you one bit and will not answer your question..
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