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Jul 17, 1967 (Age: 50)
Your wifes bed.
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Super Mod, Female, 50, from Your wifes bed.

More mud butt, gotta stop with the spicy food!!! Jan 24, 2015

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Dec 24, 2015
    1. DriveSafely
      He lives in Arkansas, too?

      I don't know there were any cities of any large size in Arkansas. Toby thinks Kansas City is a "rural" area, even though it's 4 million people in the entire metro area and about 900 square miles.
    2. Silly Goose
      Silly Goose
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
    3. Moneyman01
      Hey GT I hope all is well!
    4. redracer3368
      Neat shot of double coke wagons, don't ever see anything like that in Arkansas.
    5. Cerberus_Kelpie
      Hey mate, How Ya Doing??
      Good to "see ya" again!!
      I'm in and out and about, so we'll prolly play post tag (akin to phone tag).
      Good to read ya again and we'll chat ya up soon.
    6. WildHeart
      Thanks GT, pretty good hitch... finally made it home. I will have to sit down when I have more time and energy to put it all in writing :D
    7. DriveSafely
      How is he personal friend of yours? Just through Truckingboards?
    8. DriveSafely
      Nobody is looking to "out" Toby. I already noticed a long time ago that the articles he posts always had the same author's name on them, and when I suggested it might be the same person, I was banned for a day and the post was removed.

      He claims he's a truck driver, but I'm having a hard time swallowing that. Many truck drivers I've seen (myself excepted) can't even fill out their load paperwork correctly, let alone write entire articles that aren't full of spelling mistakes.

      I also am very curious as to what part of the country he's from, as people from the South and Midwest tend to be more conservative than in other areas. He also has claimed in the past that Kansas City is a "rural" town, even though it's a metropolitan area of about 3.5 million people, suburbs and villages included. That's very weird.
    9. Woody
      I'm not very strong mentally these day's pal. The nightmares wear me out.... I wish it would stop GT. But, they say it never will.
      Sometimes I want to's just the truth.

      Stay Frosty
    10. wonderring99
      You are almost as ugly as I am
    11. Cornbinder
      Hey are u on facebook?
    12. RickyRicardo
    13. grocerythrower
      Hey anyone that comes here and reads this, go to the foodservice forums and say hello, start a thread, or answer an old one, we need to get our forum going over there, scroll down to the bottom area of the forums and you will find us, I know myself and all the foodservice guys would greatly appreciate it!!!!

      Thank you!!

    14. Road Dust
      Road Dust
      Hi handsome :)
    15. grocerythrower
      I'm handsome am I......I'm just giddy....
    16. RickyRicardo
    17. RickyRicardo
    18. ls57racer
      Happy New Years My Friend.
    19. WildHeart
      LOL aww common! We have Sysco drivers out here doing exactly what I do.. but they deliver to the rigs :) Besides I wouldn't trade you either, running interstates and in the cities worries me! I don't like having all the traffic that you deal with.. I would probably go postal.. at least up here the 4 wheelers are mostly scared of us and tend to stay out of our way if they can. LOL
    20. WildHeart
      LOL well Brian doesn't frequent anything online, quite frankly he could live without the internet.. but I will pass the message on.

      As for what we are going through.. LMAO. Brian's truck was hit by a blade, nearly drug off the mountainside, made the record for tows in one day (9) and is ready to hurt the guy that ruined his set of chains (in one day.. they look like paperclips strung together) All the while his girlfriend (MEEEEE) has been driving circles around him and all the other guys ( haven't been towed once) because I haven't gotten a truck with screwed up chains yet.. as I still slip seat.
      Despite the frozen valves & misused trucks.. we are doing wonderful.

      Hope your driving holds half as much excitement as mine does, if not come haul water with us.. we'll show you what white knuckling it is all about sometime! LOL
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    Jul 17, 1967 (Age: 50)
    Your wifes bed.
    Home wrecker


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