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    1. P Brown
      P Brown
      Hello my name is pat brown. Im on the way to being hired as a dockworker at the clt hub, i believe you work there? Im also about to start cdl school with my own money. Any info on that hub you are willing to share. How happy are drivers? Is it hard to actually get a driving position anything that will give me info with you driver. Thank you
    2. 222lifer
      I see you met my buddy cab lizzard. We were Stewards together at my barn. Those FedEx fellas he is talking about, they took a good hosing. He is giving the straight poop. Now, hearing it from the horses mouth is hardly 3rd party Hoot. Last I heard there were 47 line drivers getting the ax at fedex here in the city of salt. Any truth to that or is that 3rd party intel?
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