Aug 15, 2010
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    1. nctruckdriver
      i've been doing great. putting in a lot of miles, overall i like the job; there's times where i do a lot of waiting but usually end up with decent miles.
      how's it going with you?

      sorry i took so long to reply
    2. dlance71
      Last week I went out with the other extra board driver all week, I enjoy the miles and the experiences, but I haven't got a single thing I need from my home terminal, no fuel card, toll pass mileage or direction books. The fact that I am here after 3 weeks is really a mystery I cannot fathom the reasoning for the lack of maintence on the trucks or the fact they will let them sit until it is a dire emergency. Nc I hope you are having a better time than I am, if I go in this week and work I think it will be a miracle, I don't know if I can work this way. How have you been doing out there?
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