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    1. Magoo
      Great Post!
      1. pilot87 likes this.
      2. pilot87
        Thanks Magoo!...
        Oct 29, 2015
    2. Big Dave
      Big Dave
      I'm still LAST
    3. Big Dave
      Big Dave
      I am LAST. :)
    4. pilot108
      P S , albag is a self centerd dick!
    5. pilot108
      yes i am apilot and aircraft owner. I have about 1500 hrs of logged time in c172's beech v35g's and tail draggers of different types. I have helped build 2 rutan long e z's and 1 defiant. I am curently begining to restore with my brother another 108. My brother and i have been partners in 2 planes and are in one now . We fly out of lewis university in romeoville ill. Pm me for anymore info.
    6. Spaghetti
      Albag, seems to think that I wasn't able to vote, WRONG!!! OJI to an LOA. My insurance is still through the union. You would figure that an ex union steward would know that information.
    7. albag
      Just a heads up. Spaghetti is on an OJI and he will never be back. Since he has not disclosed this don't include this info when replying to his posts. But he REALLY doesn't have any stake in this vote. You seem like you understand what is at stake here I only hope that enough other Teamsters do too.
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