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Nov 29, 2013
    1. GO40
      can u please seperate my post its under the thread ugly 1st quarter..... thank you its on the abf board
    2. GO40
      I hope i dident piss you off with my comment to kk i try to stay within the guidlines .... Dont forget im 3 hours ahead of you.lol and i have a beer meister.... happy daytona 500.... no rain
    3. albag
      Is it just me or do a significant number of posters on this forumn not have clue about the fundamentals of the long haul LTL freight business.
    4. BigR830
      I gotta ask who you are, I think we drove out of the same barn. I drove for Roadway from '93 - '05 started in Adelanto,Ca and ended in Bloomington,Ca. My name is Mike B.
    5. JustPaul_1
      Hello Buddy, Merry Christmas to you and yours. I pray the good lord watches over you and yours and the New Year is a year of abundance & Peace. Give me a call if you get a chance.
    6. wargames-joshua
      Merry Christmas R-14Driver
    7. C Series
      C Series
      Thank you for the links regarding CF and the circumstances that lead to their closure. I'm sure your contribution educated many people.
    8. R-14Driver
      nonotone I cannot agree with you more !!!!!
    9. nonotone
      My thoughts of YRC's non-contribution to the multi-employer pension fund covered by the NMFA is this; "Past retirees, current retirees, and future retirees are entitled to the full payment by YRC for every labor employee covered by the NMFA contract into the pension fund". The past and recent YRC concessions included pension payment/non-payment vote. The retirees, and current union members regardless of company, who are members of the union pension benefit fund should be allowed to vote on anything related to the PENSION. The pension should never be layed on the table for concession vote. Not one single Yellow, Roadway, Holland, NPMF, ABF employee has the right to vote to give away or sacrifice the pension of the membership. If the Pension Fund is opened for vote, let every union member vote including retirees. They have a HUGE stake in the pension fund.
    10. truckchick1
      You set the New Penn messages in green, can you set the Reddeway messages in red for their truck colors? Just makes it easier to find.
    11. R-14Driver
      I have posted the same polls in all the YRCW companies forums . For privacy I cannot disclose who voted for what just as I would not tell any member how you voted .
    12. ToppinHills=N=PoppinPills
      Hey R-14, I tried to figure out how to post a poll in a new thread, but couldn't figure it out. I am curious if there is any relation between how people are voting and which YRC company they are from (Yellow, Roadway, or Holland). Could you post this as a poll?
      Thanks in advance!
    13. newpenn107
      Semper Fi !!!! Mr yrc..... lol
    14. R-14Driver
      Welcome to the GREATEST internet board in the world Truckingboards !!
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