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    1. RickyRicardo
      We know the term as “fire crotch.” And it’s a rare thing when you can actually meet a redhead that’s extremely attractive. It’s very much like finding plutonium by accident. But in all sincerity, redheads are just a different breed. I have a little theory on redheads and bare with me if you can.
      Have you ever met a natural redhead that wasn’t “off” in some way? Male or female. I’m telling you man, it’s weird. Every single natural redhead I’ve ever met was kind of crazy in some way. I simply don’t understand it. Go back to your history and see if you agree. Um, so that’s my theory.
      In any event, you take the psycho factor, add the hot factor and poof, you’ve got yourself one hell of a woman.
    2. sapper
      That looks like Les Paul's personal axe, is that correct?
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