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Oct 31, 2011
    1. gr8times
      Welcome Woopdie doo, Fedex has many divisions and only two of them are actually company drivers. Freight and Express. These days a lot of the drivers were dock workers or city drivers who transfered up to become road drivers. Many of them have very little training before they are cut loose. They only have one speed and they do not care about anything or anyone else. If it is something you feel is that serious then you should call Fedex corporate office in Harrison Arkansas. Sometimes all they need is a talking to and they will think twice about doing dangerous and. stupid things. Just get a number off any piece of equipment (truck,trailer front or rear ) the location and the time and date. Fedex will know who was operating it. Most of us do are best to be good safe drivers so please judge each one of us seperately. Happy Trails To You
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