Password Help

The instant way to reset your password is to Click Here

Follow all instructions, you will get with a link inside asking you if you want your password reset. Click on that link  You will then get a second email containing your new password , remember it is "case sensitive" and that means if it gives you a password of cUpCaKe25 it has to be typed exactly as it reads. 


To change your password to an easier one to remember just Click Here

You have to be logged in to change your current password



Now if all else fails just send me a text to 336-473-1257 and include only 3 things.

1 -Your Username

2-Your email address (must match the one you registered with

3-What you want your password to be

No Jibber Jabber just the info, I will send you a text back when it has been done, I have to acees my Truckingboards Administration panel from a computer and I do have a full time job so I am not always around one so be patient, 90% of the time I will have it done in a few hours.

*This is a Google Voice account, this is not a voice line, it does not ring so I can hear it, Do not call.

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