‘ASYMMETRICAL WAR’: If This Retired Border Patrol Officer Is Half Right, We’re Screwe

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maxxed, Jul 20, 2014.

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    Our biggest problem is that we have been lead to believe that these are refugees. They are not, they are invitees. Our compassion causes us to doubt out first reaction and choose to have compassion with fractional evidence we are shown. If I were trying to cause the fall of the USA, the first thing I would do is to reduce the income of the average American Citizen and I would do this by allowing a cheap labor source compete with the American worker. I would devise a system to where the American currency becomes on par with the rest of the world and at the same time would burden the American taxpayer with having to support entitlements to illegals. And lastly, I would introduce disease to the American Population who recently allowed a little dictator to undermine the healthcare system that had served us for so many years. I would find a way to discourage the Boarder Patrol until they not only feel powerless, but don't know what their job is.

    Disease and a dependency on what is left of the American middle class to pay for all of this is the way I would go were I trying to plunge the USA into being just another mediocre country on a list of countries who are lead by petty tyrants. If you own a gun, you had better keep it in good working order. You had better know how to use it and if you are still of the mindset that the Governments job is to keep you safe? Guess again. We do not have a handle on what is happening on our boarder. Introducing diseases from Africa and S. America would be one quick and easy way to reduce the population of USA and replace that population with people who have never stood up to their government and never will.

    But you can't be honest about anything anymore without being called a bigot. So if political correctness kills your grandchildren? If all you can do is sit and watch your children slowly die because of someones political ambition? This is what you asked for when you began to allow your elected officials to become your rulers instead of your representatives. We are allowing this to happen just like the Mexican allowed the Federales to take over their country....And now they are here among us.

    We are a country of cowards.

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