‘Human capital’ stocks come to life as the economy nears full employment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SuperCourse, Mar 13, 2017.

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    C'mon...Temp agencies are just a middle man...taking money from the people who take the jobs they provide....another business to loan money to for the ultimate middle man.
    These jobs helped wreck the economy under Clinton and Herbert walker Bush.
    I knew they were coming cause I just delivered to one geared to Hispanics. Everybody in the office was Hispanic.
    The office pays nothing and neither do any of their jobs....they prevent companies from feeling obliged to pay full benefits. they should be outlawed...not put out as something god.

    "Who do you work for?"
    A temp agency.

    Not the right path for America.
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    When my wife went back to work, she got a job through a temp agency because that is where most companies hire through around here, and when her 90 days were up, the company immediately put her on full time and gave her a raise and benefit options.
    The temp agencies have some value because most corporations don't want the expenses of interviewing and processing employees. It's called free market capitalism. If you have an idea and can make a buck off it, that's how the system is supposed to work. If it didn't have value, your idea would be put on the shelf.
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    I don't know if so mb email of you noticed, but I've noticed steel jobs on billboards now hiring.

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