‘Screaming savage’ makes return on Braves’ batting practice caps for 2013

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    Paul Lukas of Uni Watch has an exclusive look at all 30 new batting practice caps for 2013. It's more or less a forgettable bunch, but there are admittedly a few gems — Mr. Met taking residence atop the Mets' new lids, a red maple leaf occupying Toronto's new look and an Arizona mish-mash of old and new that should be adopted as everyday in-game headwear The most newsworthy revelation in the whole crop, however, is that the Atlanta Braves' batting practice cap features the return of the "screaming savage" that served as part of the Atlanta's logo from 1967 to 1989. The mohawked image first made an appearance in 1954 during the Braves' Milwaukee days.

    The re-emergence of the questionable logo is surprising given that the Cleveland Indians have been distancing themselves from Chief Wahoo in recent years. (This year's Indians BP cap features the increasingly familiar block 'C'.) Even the Braves have landed on the right side of sensitivity, replacing an offensive savage patch on the throwback jerseys the team introduced in 2012...............

    ‘Screaming savage’ makes return on Braves’ batting practice caps for 2013 | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports

    All the new batting caps

    [​IMG] http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/16228/first-look-new-mlb-batting-practice-caps

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