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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by 12pack, Oct 28, 2016.

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    We were told yesterday effective nov 30 we will be a dark yard .
    The TM is going to sales the new linehaul boss is going to the bottom of the road board. The clerk is getting transferred to 078 . The city drivers will be dispatched out of 078.
    The road board stays for now.?
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    Looks like you have become a satellite terminal. There will be extra paper work at night such as scanning your BOL and other things.
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    You're TM will probably hang out in the office all day or at home, might possibly make a sales call or 2 but I wouldn't count on it. From my experience the TM's at the satellite terminals are a huge waste of money. Salesman who don't make sales calls. And they talk about us as a drain on the bottom line. Lol

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