10/2/08 - Is Oak Harbor still on strike?

Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by MONTANANY, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Shifterknob

    Shifterknob The Last Wordslinger

    Ummm... looking at the location of the poster and the content of the posts, I would have to say our good buddy Rob M., Eastern Idaho District Sales Mgr. has reared his ugly, mishappen head.

    Hey, Rob? That accident you refer to was caused by a non-union Oakland employee that laid that trailer over on Ashland, caused a HazMat spill that cost the company a lot of money in DEQ fines and homeowner lawsuits, and why?

    Because they wouldn't do things the right way. The legal way.

    Kind of like now. Look at all of the drivers videos on You Tube showing replacement drivers breaking the law, and then maybe you can jam your silly, stupid, uninformed, ignorant opinions where the sun don't shine even on cloudless days in Eastern Idaho.

    By the way, if you ever had the guts to stand up like a man for anything in your useless life, you would know something about standing on principle and fighting for things you believe in, like not letting tyrannical, arrogant, coercive, threatening rich jerks try and treat hard-working men and women like chattels and slaves.

    We are free men and women, practicing our lawful rights under federal labor law in the best spirit of America. Sorry that offends your sensibilities, but perhaps if you ever manage to unstick your cranial orb from your anal orifice, you might learn a little something about what it means to stand up for a principle bigger than yourself. This isn't Fascist Germany... it is America, where we still enjoy cetain freedoms that even ignorance like yours can't totally dispel.

    But I won't hold my breath on that happening anytime real soon. Your kind seems to be incapable of concieving of such lofty and grand concepts as brotherhood, truth, or even honesty.

    But even in your little bastion of anti-union fervor over in Eastern Idaho, I'm sure you've seen the impact on what a handful of dedicated Teamsters can do to a company like Oak Harbor. And what will you do when your little world falls apart... hmmm?

    If I were you, I would start freshening up that resume, son... you are going to need it sooner than you think... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  2. livlly909

    livlly909 Friendly Trucker

    That's right! Be sure to let me know if I make any errors, which I'm sure you will.
  3. ryerke

    ryerke Member

    You want people to take you seriously, don't you? How can anyone take you seriously when many of you write like gradeschoolers?
  4. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    you sound like a 3rd grader and some one has just taken your ball. I don't know where you are at, but some of us are fighting to keep what we have been working for.
  5. NWexpress

    NWexpress Member

    my thoughts on this, take a spelling and grammer class at your local adult education center while you are on strike.
  6. Shifterknob

    Shifterknob The Last Wordslinger


    When they run out of logic and reason, they simply go into attack mode, don't they?

    Oh wait... they never had logic and reason on their side in the first place, did they? That's why they have been in attack mode all along.

    Tsk tsk tsk... better start coming up with something better than attacking grammer and spelling, management boy... your bonus is on the line...

  7. ryerke

    ryerke Member

    I would just like to see that the Teamsters that post here would give someone looking in a reason to respect their point of view. Anyone that can't get their point across because no one can make heads or tails out of what they are trying to say gives cause for readers to simply dismiss their post.
  8. Shifterknob

    Shifterknob The Last Wordslinger

    And sticking your head into a hole in the ground simply to avoid understanding the point is even more asinine.

    Not every one is a gifted communicator. Most of us are truck drivers and dock workers, or clerical staff. I don't know of any of the people I work with who graduated with majors in Communications or English Literature. So you'll have to pardon those of us who don't meet your high standards.

    Perhaps if you tried to do a little fact-finding without the smarmy tone, it would help, hmmmm? Or perhaps you really don't care about the facts, and just want to stir up the flames?

    Either way, I hope you take a little wisdom from what I say here. If you are truly wanting to engage in a discussion, then do so. If you want to attack and impugne people who are fighting for their livelihoods, then you can at least be honest about your motivations.

    Was that clear enough and grammatically correct enough for you?

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