16 years ago we lost the Great Walter Payton.

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    To black lives matter, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Marilyn Mosby, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Samuel Jackson, Will Smith, Oprah, James Brown CBS sports, Deion Sanders, Pam Oliver Fox sports. Today is the 16th anniversary of Walter Payton ' s passing. Truly one of the greatest Americans ever to live. What Obama and the rest of you has done to race relations in this country by dividing everyone, setting race relations back 50 years. Walter Payton was someone who never seen a person by the color of their skin. He truly loved everyone. Everyone loved Walter Payton to. He was a guys guy. If he were alive today, he would be very disappointed in you all. Walter Payton, love ya, miss ya buddy, rest in piece and hope to see ya soon.

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