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Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by bigwheels1952, Mar 15, 2009.

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    hi people, i usually don't spend much time online, but i ran across this forum by accident and had to say something.
    as a former jevic road driver, (10yrs @ j4) I hope everyone from jevic has moved on and is doing ok. the 10 yrs i spent with jevic was some of best i spent anywhere. i don't hold any grudges with any of the lower level people (managers, dispatchers, ld planners, etc.. they were some of the best i've ever worked with and i don't believe they knew what was coming any more than the rest of us. except for the top people (gorman, etc.) i have the highest respect for everyone i worked with. i miss contact with some of you and hope you find time to contact me. i had my phone and address book stolen shortly after layoff and lost all my phone numbers.
    anyway, i took summer off and spent time with kids and grandkids, took a couple of long motorcycle trips and really relaxed. went to work for KOCH in minneapolis in late august, they have treated me very well as far as work goes. still run the 48, but it's all truckload now. that took getting used to. of course they don't pay as well, i'm losing about 20% over what i used to make, but the way things are now, i'm just glad to be working at all.
    i keep an eye out for anyone i knew every time i stop somewhere, but so far haven't seen anyone i know.
    i wish all of you good luck and for you all to be safe.
    my contact info is in my bio if anyone wishes to use it. i get home about every 3 weeks, so it may take awhile to answer back. take care,
    v. rose
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    Good to have you aboard, We try to relay any info we can around here, Good or Bad!!! if you need to reach out we try to get back asap. Be safe out there!! it's been ruff for everbody here, and we do take our shot's at Gorman and his lacky's

    J-1 15yrs,:smilie_132:
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    Welcome to Truckingboards bigwheeels....:smilie_132:
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    The more here! The better informed you are! I hope!! And share a laugh or 2"
    i miss getting paid to go the shore!
    Kowabunga dude!!!!
    J-1 local 21.5 years
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    Hey Big Wheels
    Glad 2 c your doing good. Say hello to Bob the Turk up in MN.
    Paul J2 Load Plan

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