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    Your city drivers need to stop being lazy little girls and throw on three trailers before they back down into that snowy dock make the lazy f customer shovel it if they want their delivery! Done told off a customer a few years ago his dock was too icy and drove off. Said you'll get your stuff when I don't even need chains. I make the calls when the snow is on the ground not them. Safety first. Power of OD to the highest.
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    We pretty much replaced our entire fleet here in PHX with 2018's. Every line driver except for 3-4 (which opted to not take a new one) got a brand new truck. All of our colombias are being sold off except for a twin screw that won't seem to die. We've still got a handful of 14'-16' Volvo's and a few 09'-12' Cascadias. I got me a hand me down 16' Volvo to call my own so I'm good... prefer the Cummins over the Detroit any day of the week and twice on sundays. We shipped a bunch of our lower mileage 16's and a few 12's to VGS and down to TUS. They both needed some newer trucks.
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    Is the Mountain Dew man still there. Transferred out of PHX in 06.
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    So here's a couple issues and fix's on the 2018 Freightliner's. Some quality control issues coming out of Freightliner ...nothing new. IF the steering wheel shakes when you brake, your front brakes are adjusted too tight. Shop can adjust, this is an important fix because if not adjusted it can lead to warped drums. If you feel like every load is 25k on your drives, top heavy, or truck sways side to side going down the road ...there's loose bolts in the suspension. Shop can fix. I've driven 4 and 3 of the 4 had both issues it appears.
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