3 more sc's sign up

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by Rollin62, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Rollin62

    Rollin62 Well-Known Member

    3 more service centers added to NLRB petition in california? Anybody know what 3? It's been posted on conway change to win website
  2. smokin'joe

    smokin'joe Well-Known Member

    Man.....more union propaganda. Hate to hear it
  3. INewIt2

    INewIt2 Banned

    Bunch of wining ungrateful bunch of drivers I know. Wait till u have nothing then I want to hear you complain then
    Have a great day you soap opera watching bunch of ladies
  4. upnorth

    upnorth Super Moderator Staff Member

    lol! Tell us how you really feel! That was funny!
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  5. yrc-atm

    yrc-atm commodities relocator

    Here is a post of someone crying about people whining.
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  6. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    Looks like Mama must have packed an extra bag of nut in your lunch today....
  7. upnorth

    upnorth Super Moderator Staff Member

    he has his opinion. No personal attacks please.
  8. highspeeds


    I guess no one knows.

    Maybe they will tell us tonight when they get on.
  9. GO40

    GO40 Banned

    Wasn't attack him, it was a joke....
  10. Cab Lizzard

    Cab Lizzard Well-Known Member

    Cheer up kids YRC is hiring!
  11. Starkravinloon

    Starkravinloon Hero's Falling At Home

    I think I may apply CL.......
  12. INewIt2

    INewIt2 Banned

    See ya:crybaby::Violin::censored2:
  13. slo mo

    slo mo New Member

    spell check!

    Whining not winning.
  14. Convict

    Convict Well-Known Member

    Hey break out your part time Latino app and say ... , Hasta Luego Convicto , divertirse!
  15. highspeeds


    I don't get it. FedEx is bragging about getting large terminals. Up to six now.

    Why are these guys being so bashful?
  16. walken1414

    walken1414 Active Member

    My point exactly. As Conway takes more and more what will we have left?
  17. Convict

    Convict Well-Known Member

    It's ok Big Guy .. It's called denial ,you been given ample amounts of warning on the union drive but you keep down playing what's happening with out looking around the neighborhood . The stories are all over the Internet and including transport topics . See ya at the voting booth ! Lol
  18. slavenomore

    slavenomore US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions

    When I was a kid you could look at Roadway, Yellow, ABF, Carolina,Mason-Dixon,Preston and CF and the people would say those are really great jobs.
    Then came deregulation and all the nonunion carriers.
    Turned them all into just jobs.

    What you guys are doing now has the potential to turn them all into great jobs again.
    Its been a long time coming.
    I hope and pray you all follow through.
  19. highspeeds


    Did a few searches. The transport topics article is blocked. Didn't find anything else.

    My point, if it is happening why aren't people more excited about it. The FedEx guys certainly are. It's F ing Christmas every time they get a terminal.
  20. Cab Lizzard

    Cab Lizzard Well-Known Member

    Do your self a favor and Don't............
    You need a little time to clear your diesel clouded thoughts.

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