34 Hour Restart not required? Estes policy?

Discussion in 'Estes Express Lines' started by NewTruckGuy, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. NewTruckGuy

    NewTruckGuy Member

    So I am feeling like a total noob here. I always thought the 34 hour restart was REQUIRED. Now I am reading that it is not, if I am not mistaken.

    So my next question is, will Estes let you run 7 days without a restart as long as you stay under 70 hours?

    Theoretically if I had a mon-fri bid run and wanted to run Sat AND Sun would I be allowed to do so as long as I had the hours to run?

    Trying to get my rules straight as well as maximize the miles I could run.
  2. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    YES you can still run the recap if you choose. This is a short response but I have a long story if you would like me to DM you.
  3. NewTruckGuy

    NewTruckGuy Member

    Sure thing man, I'll read it.
    After further reading iI'm thinking I still wouldn't be able to run a 7th day since it is an 8 day rolling period and I highly doubt I'd stay under 70 hours in 8 days, unless I am completely misunderstanding how the rule actually works.

    I'm just curious because I've seen guys on this board getting over 4000 miles a week on the extraboard and I am wondering how the he'll they are doing it within the HOS. I want in on that lol
  4. BigEpuller

    BigEpuller Member

    Restarts are not required at estes. You could theoretically work every single day for about 8.5 hours each day and never take a reset if you wanted to. If you're on a bid run, as long as you have the hours to complete your 5 day bid each week, you can run all the extra on the weekends you can, and estes will love you for it.
  5. NewTruckGuy

    NewTruckGuy Member

    The way I look at it if I average 10 hours a day I'd have 20 for Sat and sun. Run another 10 on Sat. However I'm thinking on Sunday I'd have to restart because if I ran Sunday for 10 (total of 70 over 7 days) I wouldn't be able to run monday. Is my interpretation of the rules correct?
  6. BigEpuller

    BigEpuller Member

    Yes. In your example, you would be at your 70 hour max when you were done on Sunday. You wouldn't have any hours to run on Monday. So you'd either need to take a full 34 hour restart to get all 70 hours back, or at the very least, wait until midnight(Monday night/Tuesday morning) to get your 10 hours, and only 10 hours back that you worked on day one.
  7. BigEpuller

    BigEpuller Member

    Here is just an example of how you can work without doing a restart.

    Day / Hours worked /Hours remaining

    1 / 9 / 61

    2 / 10 / 51

    3 / 7 / 44

    4 / 9 / 35

    5 / 10 / 25

    6 / 8 / 17

    7 / 9 / 8

    8 / 7 / 1

    At this point, you begin to gain back the time from 9 days ago.

    9 / 7 / 3

    10 / 9 / 4

    11 / 10 / 1

    12 / 8 / 2

    13 / 10 / 2

    14 / 9 / 1

    15 / 10 / 0

    16 / 6 / 1

    And so on...
  8. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    you can work 8.75 hours a day and not have to reset. I used to have a short bid run and did an extra laydown every weekend. Did that for about 6 months and finally got tired of it.
  9. BigEpuller

    BigEpuller Member

    I would've been tired of it after one week.
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  10. xeastend

    xeastend Active Member

  11. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Why in the heck would you want to try and grind 4000 in 7 days???
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  12. White

    White Well-Known Member

    Yep. Had a 368 mile turn. Could work 7 days every week. Happier with my current 498 & three hooks.
  13. NewTruckGuy

    NewTruckGuy Member

    I'm new to Estes, do they pay for every drop and hook? (Including first and last?)
  14. NewTruckGuy

    NewTruckGuy Member

    The same reason I work in the first place.
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  15. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    So if you run on 70 in 8, and run say 600 miles a day.probably with driving drops hooks and breaks,be working around 13 hrs daily. If you started on Monday, you would have 65 hours in by Friday, around 3000 miles,and only have 5 hours left for Saturday. And you say some guys are then using a restart,and getting another 1000 miles in the next 2 days? If they are still running paper logs there,I would like to see them....
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  16. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    I did 4300+ in a week on elogs. I left early on a Monday and turned on my 10 every day. By Saturday evening I was out of hours and had no will to live anymore. Nice check though.

    Yes we get paid to break and hook sets. If you break down 2 sets to make one set you get paid for 3.
  17. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    So you are saying you did 700 miles a day for 6 straight days? That would be averaging like 63 mph? This is starting to sound like one of those 0200 am discussions at the counter at Mable's Diner,somewhere in Iowa......
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  18. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

    I had a bunch of 530 mile dispatches and a few 600 milers. I ran a lot between Denver and KCK. Both of those terminals are within a mile of the highway.

    Yeah it was a lot to do and I was questioning if I was going to have the time to do the last one. I did take a picture of the mileage report from the elog but didn't get a pic of the stub. I'll see if I can figure out how to post it.

    There's no way a person could do that 2 weeks in a row. That was a crazy week.
  19. drummerforhire

    drummerforhire Well-Known Member

  20. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    More like a death wish....
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