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    Third Quarter 2015 Compared to Third Quarter 2014 Results
    • Revenues were $317 million, a 4.6% decrease
    • Operating income decreased 27% to $19.8 million
    • Diluted earnings per share were $0.46 compared to $0.64
    • Operating ratio of 93.7 compared to 91.8
    • LTL shipments were down 4.2% and LTL tonnage declined 6.7%
    • LTL revenue per hundredweight increased 2.2% despite the impact of lower year-over-year fuel surcharges
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  3. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    Sales needs to step it up. You can't tell me they can't grab some of that OD business. We can gain market share. It's up to sales to put freight on the trucks. Let's get it done. No excuses.
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  4. I agree train. Time for sales to get out their and its also time for all employees to step up their game! We need to be in the 80s not 90s less damage and better packed trailers. Handling freight with even more caution
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  5. Skeeter

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    93.7 ain't bad now days.
  6. gearraker

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    Most companys would kill...for a 93.7
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  7. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    True. But this isn't most companies. This is SAIA LTL FREIGHT where expectations are higher. And we will never be satisfied with the status quo. OD is where we want to be. And there is absolutely no reason why we can't achieve what they have.
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  8. Dracula

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    I wouldn't want to be in the sales department.
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  9. gearraker

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    I wouldnt want to be anywere but inside a truck...
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    It's a good OR. remember, they just gave us a decent sized raise which should've been at least a point worth of OR.

    now, if we were to pick up more outbound freight headed northeast from our existing customers... We'd be business
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    No one will be safe. During the layoff, each and every facet of every department will be under close scrutiny. That's the only way to improve, and to show investors that the company is still strong, and that this quarter was an anomaly. Timing is bad, with the 2 slowest (historically) quarters staring you in the face. I've even heard that the expense accounts for the higher ups were slashed. I wish you all the best of luck. The layoff wasn't fun last time around, and won't be this time either.

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