70-year-old equestrian’s Olympic ‘miracle’

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    Four years ago, Japanese equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu was the oldest Olympian to compete in the Beijing Olympics. On Saturday, the 70-year-old rider made a bid to become the oldest competitor in London, too.

    Hoketsu qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics this last weekend by winning an international dressage meet in France. He was aboard the 15-year-old Whisper.

    "To put it pompously," he told reporters, "it was a miracle. Last summer, I thought it would be impossible to make London, so it fills me with deep emotions."

    Japanese officials have yet to announce whether Hoketsu, who will be 71 by the time of the Opening Ceremony, will compete.............

    70-year-old equestrian

    Maybe some of us should try out for the Olympics :6792::LMAO:

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