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    if what's going on at our local wasn't clear before maybe this will help. Mr. Coli has not had a union meeting in 10 months. At the last meeting all he could talk above t was the terrible financial condition of the local. Since then he has sold off the entire fleet of cars which we owed nothing on, for almost nothing. He has purchased 4 new trucks for the agents that he appointed and spent over $180000 that we cant afford. Mr. Coli now sends out misleading newsletters instead... of having Union meetings. All so that no one can question the information that he puts out. He's spending thousands of dollars of our money instead of having meetings just to control his message and so that he doesn't have to answer to the members. Mr. Coli is making sure that we are broke so that he can continue to control Local 710 until he can get his funkiest elected or until he can show why we have to break up our local.

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