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Discussion in 'Southeastern Freight Lines' started by mikejones234, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    What is the deal with SEFL, I have been here 2 years and still we have tractors with no A/C. It is ridicilous to driver a truck especially one that SEFL owns, with all the money this company has. I'm tired of hearing senior drivers say well I did it for years all I have to say is that is for own stupidity. I'm not gonna drive a truck with no A/C, and I'll tell everyone in Columbia the same thing.
  2. Double-Clutch

    Double-Clutch Member

    Good luck with that, let me know how you make out.
  3. If you dont like it there are plenty of other jobs to be had,good luck with your hunt.
  4. justatruckn

    justatruckn New Member

    what terminal are u at dont give up if u are new with the company its gonna happen and also if u look around their arent many left, the cassells buy new trucks every year they are upgrading all the time we drive some of the best eqiup out their i know in jax the guys who dont complain wont drive in a hot box and we still have 2 on the yard and are only used as as alast reort so just hang in their it will work out we have it alot better than the verterans. :smilie_132:
  5. What he said!

  6. rowdy

    rowdy Active Member

    Do you have assigned tractors at Southeastern?
  7. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    my terminal does not have assigned tractors, we still have 4 or 5 of the old volco tractors with no air, ive told them i will not drive a truck this summer with no a/c ive done it for 2 years now. so ill be saying goodbye if i have a truck with no a/c.
  8. justatruckn

    justatruckn New Member

    dont give up so easy it will happen just be patient. you will regret leaving their is no other company thats is family oriented but if you do leave good luck.:smilie_132:

    BOOGERBEAR New Member

    Hey man, I don't hear the dock crew that loads your trailer every day cryin' because the dock isn't air conditioned! I say if you aint happy where you are....then quit!!!
  10. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    Dock crew, please they dont know how to load trailers, all they do is complain, they talk junk about city drivers, but 99% of them couldn't back a trailer straight in a 5 acre field.
  11. rickyb

    rickyb New Member

    Well, we have only one left in Knoxville and it should be gone by end of this year. Hang in there. All of them should be gone soon!
  12. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    my truck has a/c, but when i see my fellow co-workers driving a truck with no a/c it makes me think. we were told last year that all the trucks without a/c would be gone, but yet they are still on the road, but just this week, we had drivers to stand up and say that they werent driving a truck with no a/c. i think they deserve a pat on the back.
  13. fl33612

    fl33612 Member

    what cry babies. living in florida and having my choice i will take no a/c. this way i only sweat once. just take extra towel and shirt.
  14. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    i go to work tomorrow and they tell me i have no a/c, ill get in my pickup and go home. aint no reason for anyone not to have a/c, there is no excuse what so ever, for any freight company not just sefl.
  15. fl33612

    fl33612 Member

    The Best I Can Tell Ya, Is If You Have A Big Rear Like Mine A Little Sweat Is What I Need. But My Bid Is An 8 Hour Bid And After 8 Hours Of Sweating I Will Gladly Sweat For What They Pay For Time And A Half. Life Is Good.
  16. Let us know how the job hunt goes.:1036316054:
  17. fl33612

    fl33612 Member

    Hey Mike, How Did It Go? Did You Go Home Or Work?
  18. braceface

    braceface Member

    R&L Carriers is very family oriented !!!!
  19. mikejones234

    mikejones234 Member

    driva, im still here. im high enough up on the boards were i dont have to worry about driving a truck with no a/c:1036316054: but if they ever gave me a truck with no a/c:smilie_132:
  20. sidewinder

    sidewinder New Member

    do ya ll have fm radios i sefl tractors? i was with cse in 90 & 91 then with standard trucking from 92 till they closed, and we had to put ours in a box and and seat belt it in the passenger seat. no A/C back then either,

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