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    Hi everyone! So I'm back in action and have decided to tell you all about my day. I didn't run my route today management offered me up a special management run today and I took it. It was an interesting day and not bad.

    I was let go from Jury Duty Thursday at 11:00am before lunch got my papers and everything so I'm good for a couple 2-3 years on that. I am going to photo copy my paper work and give it to the bosses although they never asked for it. Anyhow they said we really could use you at work today and I said very well I'll be there even had like I said a special managers run.

    So as you all are aware or some of you maybe aware the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the National Basketball Associations world series or "Finals" as they like to call it. The Caves got whooped out in California 2 games and then came back to Cleveland and beat Golden State by 30 points or so and now there looking to do it again so the city is a live with activity very busy down town right now. Seems I've been down town for every major thing there has been. We have a customer across the street from Quicken Loans arena and they get very busy with the Indians and Cavaliers. They buy a lot from us and Budweiser.
    Anyhow I got up 2am this morning because my last stop on my first route was a trailer drop so my trailer had a route on it and then last stop I was just leaving the trailer at the customers and they wanted us there around 9am and I had to get everything off because they were the last stop. Anyhow left the yard about 3:15am got to my first stop at 3:30am actually the nice thing is there's no traffic that early get right in. First stop was 3600lbs took about an hour to do. Then went to the Children's Hospital got there about 4:30am they weren't quite ready for the days activities. Then a couple other restaurants we do and a police station and school district and Italian Bakery and then back to the yard and off to my last stop to drop my trailer.

    Dropped my trailer not bad. Then because of the NBA Finals Cleveland's very busy a beehive of activity if you will. Were really trying real hard to be cool instead of "the mistake on the lake" as others from around the country used to refer to us as.

    Anyhow NBA finals have caused the city to be busy and today we had all kinds of food service emergencies. Once I got back to the yard after dropping that trailer it was time to go do some food service emergency work. One of the managers ran down town then back to the yard and threw me the keys to the manager van. We had 3 vans running around all afternoon. Our regular van at our yard he was stuffed and then the van from Akron came up and I got to drive a van too!
    Usually when you see the vans out that means there's some kind of food service emergency or special delivery.
    That was me in the van had 3 stops today all down in "the flats" at the power house district did the big amphitheater right on the river and a couple other places right there in the same area.
    What happened was the warehouse didn't have all the product in stock so it missed the big truck, but since we have our own chain of grocery stores (by the way were the only broad line food service company that has it's own chain of grocery stores which function as mini warehouses throughout the system) we were able to grab what the customers needed from the stores. That's why there was so much van activity. Anyhow spent the afternoon in the van doing a small mini route it wasn't van I kept getting in the van though and kicking for the clutch pedal and the van doesn't have a clutch pedal ha-ha!
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