A Koch brother-linked group is trying to convince millennials to turn on Amazon's HQ2 project — and

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SuperCourse, Feb 22, 2018.

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    The ads call for voters to oppose the "sweetheart deals" that give Amazon tax incentives to build a new headquarters, which the ads say are "unfair to taxpayers." Amazon has said it plans to bring 50,000 jobs to the city it chooses for HQ2 and a total of $5 billion in investments in the local economy over a decade.

    "Amazon is one of the largest, most successful corporations in the world — it doesn't need help from struggling taxpayers to build its second headquarters," Generation Opporunity policy director David Barnes said in a statement. "Unfair corporate welfare deals like the ones being lobbed at Amazon fuel cronyism, are conducted in darkness, and force small businesses to subsidize their competition."


    About time somebody did something about this parasite.

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    It’s something to see states compete to give Amazon anything they want to get them to build in their states.
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    I don't like what Amazon is doing to the little guy, but that's how it works. He has figured out how to build a better mouse trap. They employ a lot of people and can single handedly stimulate a local economy. It's too late to stop that monstrosity from growing, but they surely don't need any corporate welfare or tax breaks.
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