A suggestion to NJ area drivers

Discussion in 'Cowan Systems' started by ulsd, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. ulsd

    ulsd Member

    Stop speeding, tailgating and trying to run other cars/ trucks off the road. You guys are so unprofessional. Maybe not all of you but the same losers every night on the NJTP are making the good ones look bad.
  2. ulsd

    ulsd Member

    One of your boys plowed a four wheeler tonight on the NJTP western spur. How nobody died!
  3. Sugarfoot

    Sugarfoot " I'm just a truck driver "

    A true and valid Post. I see the same thing every night on the BQE. They don't run cb's and or don't speak English. Two weeks ago, one forced me against the right Jersey Barrier and darn near wiped my left mirror off. I've thought about contacting the Home office, but, I don't want to be a "RAT". I remember when it was W.T. COWAN Inc., a Teamster LTL Carrier. They shut down right after the 1976 Strike. I just give them a very wide berth, and let them get out of sight!!
  4. xeastend

    xeastend Active Member

    I see the Cowan guys going like @#&holes also. Calling in on blatently unsafe driving in my book is not a rat.
  5. jeepdaddy1969

    jeepdaddy1969 New Member

    This is always the result when a company pays their drivers next to nothing!
  6. newpenn22

    newpenn22 Active Member

    The lightweight fleet. Lol

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