A Tribute to companies gone.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Quigley, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Quigley

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    Tribute to old trucking companies (fallen flags) - YouTube Some of you may have worked for these, some of your Dad's might have,,, either way I thought it was interesting,,, My Dad started trucking in 1945 after coming home from WW2 . So I grew up in it... This thread is NOT started to hear people cry about things, just to remember the past... And what some went through to get to taday...
  2. autocar65

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    My old company "Sunbelt Transportation" (I know there is still a Sunset out there) But these are the trucks that had the stop watch on the side of the trailer and ran between Texas and California. It is gone along with Tenco Transportation that was bought by a company in Marshall Texas....

    We still have a Dick Simon model truck in our dispatch office....another one gone.
  3. pro1driver

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    when i was younger, there were some of those companies i had applied to, Preston, Mc Lean, Yale, St. Johnsbury, Branch, Carolina, (and so many more, right here in my state), to name only a few. i was told, "no way"..

    i even had some experience back then as well. but many of them were staunch union shops, and unless you were related to an employee, or had a very good friend working at some of these places, you had a snow ball's chance in hell, in getting a job at any of them.

    frankly, i am glad they are gone, and to me....forgettable....i shed no tears for any of them.
  4. autocar65

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    When I look at all the trucks standing in line at our warehouse and most of them are either wearing turbans or sombreros? I do shed a tear because a huge segment of our transportation industry is going to foreigners. And what profits that are left in transportation is being taken out side of our economy, doing nothing to improve it.

    Selfishness is the disease that ruins economies and it exists in Union and Non-Union companies. A person might get a temporary jolt of justice right now but later on when our sons and daughters are forced to work for foreign owned companies, that temporary satisfaction will diminish into a since of "What have we done?" But Americans today don't consider the long term effects of their actions, they want the pay out not. Like when daddy dies and the young son sells the company off and goes on a two month drug binge and wakes up covered in tattoos.

    Humans are flawed Union or Non.

    Any American Company that goes under is bad for everyone in this industry because of who will replace that company.
  5. pro1driver

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    i think that many Americans just do not have a good work ethic. i think that many unions bled companies dry forcing a closure, and joblessness.

    we have allowed this to happen, as we wanted more and more. a foreign country may buy up American businesses, but they cannot take the buildings or land back to thier home land..again, we have allowed this to happen. if the American worker(s) could have shown some "satisfaction" in the wages they earned and the benefits they had, there would have been no need to be ever so greedy.
  6. 4ramsey

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    Union or Non union, People coming into our industry just dont want to work period. we have drivers go thru the entire hiring process, work 3 days and they are gone. Too many hours and no electronic gadgets to play with. Like i say, my neighbors have jobs but i work for a living!
  7. Smoov

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    ****************************Level 2 warning....".This thread is NOT started to hear people cry about things, just to remember the past.".********************************
  8. RacerX69

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    I agree completely. I worked union for 30 years. I worked hard and put in an honest day's work every day. I realized the things unions are for, better wages, benefits and working conditions.

    Sure, there were plenty of losers who only showed up each day to take up space and collect a paycheck.

    But there are people who do the same thing at non-union companies too. In fact there were almost as many non union employees at that place as there were union ones, and just as many of them were lazy losers.

    Being a lazy nogoodnick is part of the human condition.
  9. RacerX69

    RacerX69 Retired Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired/Wingnut

    One of my uncles drove for Hadley, a mobile parking lot outfit based in the Turbo City area.He retired just before they went legs up.

    My dad drove for another mobile parking lot outfit based in Concord, just outside of Turbo City, can't remember the name but they went legs up too. I think those guys with the Chicago Motor Club that rode the winged Silver Tube Boats over from Eastern Europe put them all out of business.

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