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  1. tripleswest

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    A couple of friends haul new Pete's from the factory in Denton Texas. They are under the carhaul contract that was ratified recently . They still have the same insurance as we do And raises through out the contract and no consessions. Again we are at a lower pay rate than most of the ltl companies It's time to move forward!
  2. Trucker 206

    Trucker 206 Well-Known Member

    Management? Goodness...no. Who on this planet wants THAT headache.
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  3. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    Management avoids the headaches by having their conscience surgically removed upon hiring...........No headaches at all after that. No problems with ethics , either.....
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  4. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    Good for them! As a former car hauler, I'm glad to see them get a good contract, even though it took almost a year and several votes that the Teamsters said were "crucial to the companies' survival".....

    Our car-hauling Brothers didn't fall for the "survival/ concessions" crap......... And the Teamsters were forced to negotiate a good, honest contract.

    I hope the Unionized LTL members take a lesson in solidarity from them!
  5. ABFer

    ABFer Well-Known Member

    It's a damn shame that they had to force them to negotiate a good contract. The level of incompetence at the IBT is at an all time high. I'm surprised that they didn't just shove a rejected contract down their throats and tell them that they knew what was good for the membership and that they should feel lucky to have jobs.
  6. 00mustang

    00mustang ON THE ROAD IN THE WAY @61.97

    ABFer they tried that twice in the first meeting they told us that the company's don't have anything left in the piggy banks "BEST CONTRACT EVER IN CARHAUL' BS we said try again not so good 2nd time same oh same oh . Then they come up and say that they finally got to look at the compaines books and the company's "LIED TO THEM ABOUT THE MONEY" heaven firbid the union was lied too BUT we did get what wqs needed to pass it full boat on HW AND P and even got some improvments on health care. Good luck guys hope for the best for ya
  7. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    Good Grief! The IBT admitted that the company LIED to them?? Did they think they were dealing with saintly choirboys? These are corporate CEO's,.......not quite human, congenital liars at spawning.

    First Rule of Negotiating with 21st Century Corporate Management: Immediately accept the fact that you're dealing with people so crooked that they need help screwing their pants on in the morning,........... people that casually lie to their associates and family ( .....see "Trophy Wife".....)..........people who automatically assume you're lying to them, so they will preemptorily lie to you first..........people who believe their bank account justifies their lies,....and the size of their lies is in direct proportion to their bank account.....
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  8. vongrimmenstein

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    I need to corner the market on duct tape & bailing wire. Then sell it to YRC @ a discount. 6 months later I could sell my company & buy an island with the profits. Some YRC trucks are so old they stopped making parts 10 years ago. von.
  9. canaryinthemine

    canaryinthemine Retirement....The Job I Was Born To Have!

    Don't sell it to them at a discount....... Double the price, and offer a 10% kickback to some corporate creep in charge of maintenance......

    You and him will both be buying islands in 3 months instead of 6.....

    Besides, he will be more familiar with that way of doing business, instead of just an honest profit.
  10. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Good idea, but I gotta get out of Doge before the coppers catch up to me. von.
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  11. aproductive

    aproductive New Member

    What can I do if the broker hasn't paid in over 30 days? Solution anyone?
  12. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Prayer. Or a surprise visit to his sleeping quarters around 0300. That way you can get his undivided attention. von
  13. aproductive

    aproductive New Member

  14. SAC75

    SAC75 Well-Known Member

    File a small claims lawsuit. Sheriff will serve them. Most likely they will pay.
  15. 6PakAbs

    6PakAbs Well-Known Member

    **It really depends ...you are obviously very high on the YRC board, but would be at the bottom of the ABF board...lose all vacation and seniority...eventually on lay off during the slow periods at the beckon and call of mgmt...and like others say, I would not give all that up just to "hope" for a better pension....HECK no, I would NOT leave YRC for ABF...with your time and seniority, it would be a no brainer..
  16. vongrimmenstein

    vongrimmenstein Well-Known Member

    Our pension will be cut in the next 2 years. And no one knows how much. Stay where you are. By changing to ABF I don't believe you would gain much more than staying @ YRC. 5 or 6 weeks of vacation is a lot to give up for a maybe with the pension fund. Plus you will get the hard jobs versus picking what you know where you are. von.
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  17. SAC75

    SAC75 Well-Known Member

    I think the misconception is that all them 1/4 years turn into full years. I don't think that's the case. You just start earning full years as you work. Which takes a year to give you a full 100% paid year into the pension fund. That and a contract coming up, you might end up giving all your vacation away for the same pension payment cuts you have at YRC. Ya never know.
  18. 6PakAbs

    6PakAbs Well-Known Member

    in the next contract...ArcBest Logistics is so built up from the wage/concessions cuts, it could care less about ABF and the Teamsters..can shed the "corporation" of the obligation of dealing with Teamsters and the CSPF...will probably bankrupt ABF Freight Systems (see Menlo Logistics and Consolidated Freightways)...the model is already molded...there won't be a "next contract"....Pay the rate or lock the gate...
  19. Puff Driver

    Puff Driver Active Member

    yes and the union is just a group of wonderful humans intent on helping the members and protecting the retirement benefits those members paid for..
  20. ltl1

    ltl1 Active Member

    Yes they are, that's why I am collecting a pension check at 42 and we have 3 children that cost me zero dollars in hospital bills. 2 of them just received braces again at ZERO dollars to me. SO THANK YOU TEAMSTERS. Also working on my second pension check. SO AGAIN THANK YOU TEAMSTERS and thank you to puff driver for understanding the VALUE of a union.

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