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    Based in Milan, Tennessee, Milan Express was founded in 1969 by Tommy W. Ross with one tractor, one straight truck, and two trailers, serving the 87-mile route between Milan and Memphis, TN. The original mission of the company was simple..."to be a quality motor carrier by providing dependable transportation service for our clients at a fair price and for a reasonable profit." The company made a profit in our very first year and we have never looked back.[​IMG] Over the years we have experienced internal growth and expanded our capabilities by purchasing all or part of the assets of several companies including: Roadmasters, T.F. Express, Porter Transfer, Ace Trucking, Senter Cartage, Hiller Truck Lines, WATCO, MAWS Warehouse, Transmobile and West Brothers Transfer and Storage. Today, Milan Express remains a closely held corporation of the Ross family and our original mission statement is a reality. By consistently providing our valued customers with dependable quality transportation services, our revenue surpassed $188,000,000 in 2008. Our services are competitively priced and our company is financially sound. Our team of more than 1,500 associates is dedicated to making Milan Express your "first choice" transportation provider.
    Milan Express
  2. Very nice story....I hope Milan survives the Obama adminastration...
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    Hopefully they survive the greed thats killing another company started the same way, R+L.
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    First of all Tea Bagger, you should learn how to spell. It is adminstration
  5. Ok, Administration.............R YA HAPPY NOW? Great first post, your gonna make lots of friends...
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    Anyone work for Milan or knows anything about them? Been talking with them about linehaul work out of Charlotte. Pay seems kinda on the low side, but these are great people to talk to.
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    watch out one of the lowest paying companies out there. family looking for the right buyer i heard.
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    And who did you hear that from vijax?
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    no,has to be ptran
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    you all should be nice
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    vitran has been looking at milan for two years to complete their national coverage. they only need southeast and northeast. not many overlapping terminals. low labor costs also. just watch out, heard a rumor when vitran was buying pjax and turned out to be true. heard from a very liable source at vitran canada a few months ago.
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    a buddy of mine went to work at milan. within a month he was the #2 man at the terminal. just before he quit he was the #1 man. he only worked there a total of about 3 months. he ran well over 500 miles a night, but the pay was just horrible...so he quit and went to r&l.
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    told you so.
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    About this matter how will you define the difference between Milan express from international shipping services, which is better? or are they has the same kind of services? kindly answer this...
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    told you so
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    Must be an Obama fan :(

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