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    I am new to business, Just got my authority a month ago.

    Well I operate a dry van, I am in California, but I do not really have many loads to move.
    All the way you should be at least 12 month established bla bla...

    But what can a newbie do?
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    maybe seek out another o/o and work on some sort of commission with him..??

    maybe seek out a smaller mom/pop operation and work out some sort of commission with them..??
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    Everyone started/starts somewhere.

    What Year/Make/Model truck ya running?
    Manual or auto?
    Rear Gear Ratio?
    What mileage when you purchased?
    What Year/Make Trailer?
    48' or 53'?
    Spread Axle or Standard?
    Air Assist Sliding Tandems or "Pull the Lever"?
    - - -
    I've driven for a few Owner Ops and when they ran the Load Boards, these O.O.'s didn't seem to get very well ahead as the BROKErs whine and moan about how they're "all in" without offering "fuel surcharge", "deadhead", "detention", "25-35-50% up front", "Lumper pay/reimbursement".
    It's like writing a check to the shipper to haul their freight.

    I hope you're NOT accepting "Cheap Freight" meaning you barely, if at all, pay your fuel and if you have a're stuck.

    From what I've seen since the early 2000's, Dry Van is offered much less than Flatbeds (Skateboards) and very much less than Reefers.
    I spoke with a small car hauler (Diesel Dually Pickup and 3 or 4 car trailer) and he would not move for less than $3.00 a mile and that was 10 years gone.

    There are a lot of you out there and some percentage are of those Lease To Own traps as company drivers.
    Sadly, MANY of them will fail in the first year because they were convinced (lied to) that being a Owner Op is the way to be FREE.

    There USED TO BE some form of FREEDOM OF THE ROAD (before computers and cell phones when Trucking WAS STILL FUN), when WE used to have to find Land Lines at Truck Stops (Banks of payphones as well phones on Restaurant tables or walls at tables as well on counters) and other locations.
    - - -Aging myself- - -

    If you cannot get at LEAST $2.00 a mile, you're not gonna get very far yet that's just MY opinion.

    WE Hope Safe and Pleasant Journeys To Thee and Thy Loved Ones!!
    >>Keep US updated<<
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