Amazon - What will their next move be?

Discussion in 'XPO Logistics' started by icuicp, Jan 16, 2016.

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    Amazon lauching a freight brokering app next summer. Its been called "Uber for trucking"

    Uber has opened a freight brokering office in Chicago and is thinking about opening a second office in San Francisco. UberFreight.

    This article speculates that the threat of companies like Uber and Amazon entering into the freight brokering business is why Bradley Jacobs has made the effort to diversify XPO's business model. Jacobs denied this and basically said he envisions one stop shopping ( my words not his ) for our customers - they wanted this.
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    It also mentioned in the article that the economics of scale are still working against them, though- there are some huge established players in brokerage. I wonder if they could find small carriers that would take the kind of rates to challenge a CH Robinson load.
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    Amazon wants to create 10,000 jobs - This USA Today article asks what is the price of these jobs?

    Some of the issues that Amazon is accused of are wages that are 15% below the local standard.

    Also , according to the article , "Most will be low-paying jobs at fulfillment centers, including ones under construction in California, Florida, New Jersey and Texas."

    This BuzzFeed news article also describes the 10,000 jobs Amazon wants to create but draws attention to the lower pay and the stress that Amazon places on lower paid workers.
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    More low paying jobs from a leader in of those type of jobs. Fine example of another company that no matter how successful and how high their stock and profits go they don't share the wealth. Seems like the new norm with these companies as they emulate each other. Profits for the top at all cost.
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    Good. Maybe they'll finally leave us LTL folks alone and we can get back to doing what we should be doing instead of delivering play structures, ellipticals, doll houses, patio furniture, and condoms to these God-forsaken houses.
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    Amazon Will Deliver Packages Straight Into Your Living Room Inc. is going to start delivering packages not just to doorsteps, but inside homes as well.

    The new service, called Amazon Key, incorporates a smart lock fitted to a customer’s door, as well as a security camera to record the movements of the delivery person, the company said Oct. 25.

    Doors will only be opened for delivery if the relevant driver is verified by Amazon’s system, and the driver is never given keys or codes to unlock doors manually. The service is a perk available only to Amazon’s premium Prime subscription users, and starts at $250. The In-Home Kit includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and one of several smart locks made by Yale and Kwikset.

    -Transport Topics
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    Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS

    Amazon will oversee pickup of packages from warehouses of third-party merchants selling goods on and their delivery to customers’ homes, the people said — work that is now often handled by UPS and FedEx. Amazon could still use these couriers for delivery, but the company will decide how a package is sent instead of leaving it up to the seller.

    Handling more deliveries itself would give Amazon greater flexibility and control over the last mile to shoppers’ doorsteps, let it save money through volume discounts, and help avoid congestion in its own warehouses by keeping merchandise in the outside sellers’ own facilities.

    - Transport Topics
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    Will Amazon Purchase Kohl’s?

    Bernard Sosnick, who follows Kohl’s for Madison Global Partners, thinks Amazon is testing the merits of owning a retailer that can build private-label products to showcase Amazon devices and services. The holiday season will test the theory further, with a fuller answer emerging by mid- to late-2018, Sosnick says. If the partnership succeeds, he thinks Kohl’s will boost sales and even improve merchandise and marketing. Kohl’s has more than 1,100 stores in 49 states.

    - Barron's
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    Experts: Amazon Prime Air could bring up to 15K jobs over time
    Experts not sure how much jobs will increase

    Amazon announced in January they’ll spend $1.5 billion to build a hub for Amazon Prime Air, a service that uses drones to deliver packages, at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The hub will be near DHL, a move that will create approximately 2,700 jobs, according to Kentucky’s Cabinet for Economic Development.

    - WCPO Cincinnati
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    I can’t wait till the first drone crashes on my farm .
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    I hope they are painted bright orange, like a clay pigeon.
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    I didn’t want to imply that but :shit: happens ;)
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    Maybe they can fly sorties of drones out ahead of the automated delivery trucks just to make sure someone is there before it arrives.
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    Anyone taking down a drone will be charged with a federal offense.. So i would just keep away from the free gift's. Unless you want this guy's showing up at your house.
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