American Sniper the MUST SEE Movie of 2015

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  2. yagobrf

    yagobrf Member

    Good movie. Loved it.
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  3. kantgetryte

    kantgetryte Well-Known Member

    I agree! And by the way Micheal Moore/Seth Rogan, this is how heros are made-by saving lives
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  4. mud

    mud Wonderin' AD-FREE USER

    Have you ever read about Carlos Hathcock? Another American hero.
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  5. kantgetryte

    kantgetryte Well-Known Member

    will do
  6. Infidel

    Infidel Active Member

    Two thumbs up.
  7. DCM_Doc

    DCM_Doc Well-Known Member

    Carlos grew up in Arkansas. He started hunting with a single shot rifle. That is how you learn to make every shot count. There was an Army Ranger that had a few more confirmed kills in Vietnam. He is also deceased. It is interesting how Carlos came by the nickname "White Feather". I am not especially a conspiracy freak but Chris Kyle's death seems somewhat suspicious.
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  8. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    I will wait till it comes on HBO in about 1-2 months. I hate spending money for a theater ticket, then the movies come on cable/satellite so quickly. Plus the pop corn is never fresh any more, and the drinks? Forgedaboudit.
  9. xchief

    xchief Active Member

    :6788:Saw the movie last week. He was an amazing MAN. Another must see is Unbroken.. We don't make many good men that way now :(
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  10. kantgetryte

    kantgetryte Well-Known Member

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  11. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    I agree on both movies, I am reading the book of Chris Kyle, now and will see the movie as soon as I finish, I read the book of unbroken before went also. Thanks for all the men and women in uniform. My dad was a sniper in WWII. His weapon of choice 1903 Springfield. I have one just like it.
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  12. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    I understand what you say of the movies and the popcorn. There are a few movies like this, I prefer to see at the movie, for the sound and picture effects. We only go to the movies at the big screen three or four times per year for that very reason.
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  13. kantgetryte

    kantgetryte Well-Known Member

    Do people still talk during the movie? That is my main reason for not going,I want to turn around and throat punch'em

    WARNING Some language here
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  14. pro1driver

    pro1driver I am LOST

    we do have an IMAX here, but it is in the city, which i refuse to pay for parking, like ALL the free parking at the mall movie theaters. Then too, i hate people, and kids that kick the back of my seat, which is why i try to sit in the last row of the first set of seats, what i mean is that right behind that row, is a HUGE walkway behind me. either that, or i like to sit way up top, and have all the little pions in front of us.

    then too the freaking prices, for the matinee alone, here, it is 11.00...!!!! screw that, then in 6 months, maybe more, maybe less i get it on HBO?????

    nah, when movies stayed in the theater for about 6 months that was the time to go, but with the big push for all these movie channels to get movies asap, spending money on'em is not on my list of things to do. and that crappy, cold pop corn they make DAYS in advance, then warm it up..>????

    the prices of a SMALL, is $3.50?????

    candy at $6.00 and up....????

    screw it, i can wait till it comes on HBO, Starz, whatever. and IF the movies DO NOT come on HBO or Starz???

    i do not add to my account for more movie channels
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  15. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    You are not alone, what more can I say. Once they cut my pension by 60%, I will not be able to go either. :hissyfit: so :drama:at home watching old westerns.
  16. DCM_Doc

    DCM_Doc Well-Known Member

    The figures I found on Vietnam war American snipers confirmed kills are Adelbert Waldron- US Army-109, Chuck Mawhinney, Marines- 103, Carlos Hatchcock- Marines-93. Mawhiney is the only one of the three still living. Hathcock's CO, Major Lamb was along with "Gunny" on many of the missions. He tells some interesting stories. One of the most interesting is when they killed the feared & brutal to POWs female sniper. They both said that was the one kill they felt good about. They saw the remains of one of the captured American soldiers she cut up.
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  17. WildHeart

    WildHeart Well-Known Member

    I actually just watched a segment on that myself. It was very interesting.
  18. yagobrf

    yagobrf Member

    Unbroken another great movie and so is Fury.
  19. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

    A great batch of films coming out this year about our hero's. The left wing wackos bash them, what is this country coming to? I did notice most of the people in the movies were mostly seniors. GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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