Angelo Dundee, Ali's cornerman, dead at 90

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    Angelo Dundee, the brilliant motivator who worked the corner for Muhammad Ali in his greatest fights and willed Sugar Ray Leonard to victory in his biggest bout, died Wednesday in Tampa, Fla. He was 90.

    The genial Dundee was best known for being in Ali's corner for almost his entire career, but those in boxing also knew him as an ambassador for boxing and a figure of integrity in a sport that often lacked it.

    He died with his family surrounding him, said son, Jimmy Dundee, but not before being able to attend Ali's 70th birthday bash in Louisville, Ky., last month.

    "It was the way he wanted to go," Jimmy Dundee said. "He did everything he wanted to do."..................

    Angelo Dundee, Ali's cornerman, dead at 90 - CBS News
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    A great cornerman..A better person...RIP Angelo...

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