Any hiring going on in fontana ca

Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by lost boy, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I am tired of working for these outfits run in the south or east. I know OH is based in wa and hope that managment is of a higher mentality.I know of some guys that have gone over ther and are happy.
    so how about it, anybody hear if they plan to put on in fontana?
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    yep had an interview today for a dock/dispatch spot. D/k if I will take it though. Seems like a dump there. 24 doors no office maybe 500 bills a day. Don't know yet. But was told they are moving to a facility twice the size and the tm talk up how much they are growing... hope this helps.
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    Well they are looking for two line drivers in Boise, ID if you want a change of scenery. Two of them were caught in Oregon doing 73 in a 55. One with triples, one three feet off the others bumper, some HazMat loaded, logbook violations and I am sure a host of other things. One driver had only been at Joak Harbor for about a week and the other has been on thin ice for some time.

    The Oregon State Police paid a visit to the Portland TM about this and I would bet that they were carrying a letter to remind OHFL that their triples permit company wide could be in jeopardy for a year. It will be interesting when the Carrier Overviewfor May comes out to see what the charges and points are.

    Didn't someone say "You can't fix stupid?"
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    The "New OakHarbor"

    Joke Harbor is now feeling the pinch of the management changes they have made. Management has no experience, or can't say anything, can't get good drivers even in a bad economy, etc.
    I will admit that Oak is still probably better than most gippo outfits, the checks cash, and you can run legal if you insist on it in most cases.
    So if you never intend to get back into, or never had, a union pension, you might as well give it a shot, what the heck!!

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