Any positive developments?

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    Here is something positive. Wongway finally bought a round of drinks here at Pat's sports bar on Larkin avenue!!!!!
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    Yes they opened the trailer. The other one had the wrong placards and brakes where bad on one of the trailers.
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    OK, too all you youngsters out there. When I started in 1965, Duff truck lines, only had one high lift. It was small and only would move small pallet loads. Most freight was on the floor anyways. Rarely did we see a pallet, so the guys would try moving oil drums with it, that is when things really got slick. :hilarious:
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    By the way I really enjoyed the old pictures and the stories of the way it was back in the day. When Triplex, Albag , Big R guy, Mud and the gang, do not forget Pilot 87. Were all wet behind the ears. I believe that Wrench could be in that esteem group of old Farts, as well. :biglaugh::lmao:Jimmy G, can run a close race, but he is being picked on right now, but he is so old he is running freight for the dead. :scratchhead: Just a thought, he may be hauling my next purchase. :poster oops:
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    YRC fleet's state of repair may bring closer DOT scrutiny
    May 12, 2015, 3:00pm CDT Updated May 12, 2015, 3:37pm CDT

    The repair status of YRC Freight’s vehicle fleet has exceeded a federal intervention threshold set by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
    According to the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, YRC Freight’s vehicle maintenance score is now at 75 percent. That means the DOT will make it a priority to subject YRC Freight's vehicles to more safety investigations. A lower vehicle maintenance score indicates a better state of repair.
    YRC Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq: YRCW). According to FMCSA’s online database, YRC Freight’s vehicle maintenance score has slipped since the Kansas City Business Journal last highlighted the issue in July.
    An undated internal memo obtained by the Kansas City Business Journal, apparently written by Dan Thomas, vice president of transportation and labor at YRC Freight, said the status means that the company now is in “mandatory inspection status” and that every YRC Freight vehicle that passes through a weigh station is “likely to end up in a full inspection.” Thomas said the company must continue its efforts to improve safety performance and increase its focus on making pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections.
    In a statement, the company said the 75 percent score does not trigger a “federal intervention.” In an interview, CFO Jamie Pierson said Thomas’ statement about every single vehicle likely being inspected is false. An FMCSA official confirmed that the company probably will not be subjected to mandatory inspections. However, the official said, the threshold and the warning sign attached to the company’s online profile indicate that the agency may prioritize a motor carrier for further monitoring.

    The vehicle maintenance score development is not a new issue for YRC, PIerson said, and the company has been in constant communication with the FMCSA about how it can improve its safety performance. The company could not identify a single issue that caused the score to pass the 75 percent threshold, but Pierson said the company’s financial challenges in past years did contribute to the decline of the YRC Freight fleet.
    The company also pointed out that the vehicle maintenance score is just one part of the seven points that form the FMCSA’s Behavior Analysis & Safety Improvement Categories scores. Overall, the company said, YRC Freight driver safety performance is among the best in the industry.
    According to the FMCSA, the company’s regional carriers — Reddaway, Holland and New Penn — received better fleet maintenance scores than YRC Freight. Holland (called USF Holland Inc. by the DOT) owns a 74 percent score. Reddaway (called USF Reddaway Inc.) and New Penn (called New Penn Motor Express Inc.) own a 31 percent and 38 percent score, respectively.
    state-of-the-art safety technology, and the company plans to add additional safety features to its existing vehicle stock.
    The company also is reducing the interval between maintenance cycles to identify and correct issues and is installing LED lights in its headlamps to reduce the number of citations it receives for that issue. The company will continue its companywide safety training as well.
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    You must be older than Triplex!!!!!
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    Impossible!!! :452: :hilarious:
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    We're installing L.E.D headlamps?
    I think he's looking at the wrong end of the truck...................................
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