Average Length Career Length (Years) of Linehaul Driver at Old Dominion?

Discussion in 'Old Dominion Freight Line' started by SierrasTrucker, Jan 18, 2018.

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    You're approaching this the wrong way. Instead of asking how long others stay, come in with the right attitude and do your job safely. You can stay as long as you like. They want to give you the job - if you're qualified. Nobody leaves if they wanna stay. I'm planning on retiring here as well. They'll have to kick me out the door before I'm ready to retire.
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    I know OD has high standards for its drivers and pays well, with that in mind I hope you are blessed to have a long career and retire from Old Dominion on your terms - that would be the ultimate success.
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    No one has mentioned burnout. Lots of new guys get burned out rather quick. Especially if you came from a day job. Working nights, starting out on extraboard, it can drain you. I've seen many good drivers take off after a year or two. Working nights in the long term isn't for everyone.

    You never really get used to it, it isn't healthy, it limits time with your familt and friends, it can really strain your home life. If you can hold out and realize the financial gains you'll be making and possibly get a day run at some point in your career it'l be worth it.
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    Studies have shown people who work nights all their life will take off 4-7 years of their life. You'll all be working days shuttling equipment when those robotic trucks take over in 2 years.
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    Our terminal was acquired by OD from WSKT in 05. I've been here since 06. Only one has quit voluntarily. (Family issue.) Became single parent 2+ years ago. 1 had a career ending back injury 5+ years ago. 1 fired over a decade ago due to alcohol, 1 not given offer to return after 09 layoff, 1 do to an at fault accident. So, out of 9 line haul, only 2 with less than a decade with OD, both those are 2+ years OD. Turn over is rare. P&D, office, etc is long term also.
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