Babe Ruth’s circa 1920 New York Yankees’ jersey is predicted to sell for a record sum

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    The 92-year-old professional-grade wool flannel jersey has enough soiling, stains and fabric repairs to establish that its owner tumbled after fly balls and slid into second base. More often he trotted around the bases in his signature choppy steps.

    The Y in the words “NEW YORK” is embroidered on the double-thick button placket, proof to experts that the road jersey was made circa 1920. Stitched next to the Spalding manufacturer’s label on the collar are these letters in faded pink script:..................
    ..............Experts say the price ought to exceed the $2.8 million paid in 2007 for a pristine T-206 Honus Wagner tobacco baseball card...............

    Babe Ruth's circa 1920 New York Yankees' jersey is predicted to sell for a record sum - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

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    There's probably plenty of beer and mustard stains too.

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