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Discussion in 'ABF Freight System' started by Abfrocks, Jan 13, 2017.

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    How is it at your terminal. At ours and I'm not ashamed to say is 051 there were backroom deals made by the ba who is not our ba anymore and the linehaul manager. Basically domicile bid guys can sit while they clean the motel out of the drivers. For example 051-064. If the have 5 064 drivers in bed they can get all 5 of them out before calling any of the 051 bid drivers. This is nothing but :horseshit: in my opinion.
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    File on it. I agree it is cra*. But don't just post it here. Post it on a grievance form, time stamp it, & send it to the hall. Leave a copy with your steward. You don't need his permission to file. Just do it. As long as you do nothing, nothing gets done. If you lose the grievance, so be it. Make the hall tell you in writing why the sweetheart deal supersedes the contract. If they refuse to give you a answer in writing file with the NLRB. Hit the ball to the players & make them play it. Ya might not like the answer, but you do get them to commit. Still don't like the answer? Ask the hall where you go to file an unfair labor charge against the hall & company? I know they will love that question. I know this is old, but, 'actions speak louder that words'. Talk is easy, action is hard. I wish you the best. von.
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    Bro. Von is right. Best advice I've seen on here in a while......And I speak as a steward. Definitely file. Once you create the paperwork, they HAVE to respond .

    Remember, if they refuse to provide you with a greivance form, that is a violation of Labor law. Many people aren't aware that Unions operate,.......and are allowed to exist.....under the First Amendment.
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