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    Which terminals?


    many sales people to be laid off this week, along with management , numbers unknown, drivers in smaller terminals will be assigned sales , and will be able to offer pricing just as now, drivers will run the terminal operations without the local management ,no specific areas with numbers just a large lay off of management and sales
  2. Demolitionman

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    Pretty much true. Some of the TM's are being reassigned to a central location within the region, and given multiple terminals to manage. The examples so far are the HKY and FAY TM's who have been moved to the CLT terminal. City dispatch will be centralized as well. The city dispatch for the terminals who see their TM being layed off or reassigned will handled at the central terminal. I cannot comment on other regions, but this is what is happening in the CLT region. Also, Eddie in ATL was layed off. I cannot remember what his job title was, just that he was a linehaul dispatcher there years ago when I was a system driver.
  3. jakethebrake

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    SAN and AUS along with some office staff.
  4. a9faninnc

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    Alot of companies have cut their workforce to the bone.The only place they can cut now is management.Some companies are "top heavy" in that area anyway..Good luck to you guys,you're not alone.
  5. Any word about the Chicago region layoffs?
  6. At the dark terminals, driver leadmen have already been running the operations. I guess this is a partial explanation for the online vacation scheduling.
    Hmmmmm I wonder if some of those sales cars will be available now?
  7. othertrucker2001

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    NAW MAN. That's why Saia kept those 1995 IH trucks. That's what you will be driving while making sales calls.

  8. Just saw on Career Builder.Com
    SAIA taking applications for sales in Chicago!
  9. Demolitionman

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    I/B supervisor laid off today in GVL. It just doesn't make sense. With the amount of freight we have going in and out on daily basis. I know they are trying to trim the fat, but if you look at the fat they have been cutting it's just making this place all that more top heavy. Why do we really need Presidents, VP's, directors, blah, blah of every single part of this company? The salaries these people make would equate to many drivers, dock, supervisors, etc. I'm not saying all of the layoffs were uncalled for, b/c I have no first hand knowledge of most of them. All I'm saying is we have so many generals who seem to not do anything, and they are getting rid of those on the front who make the most difference in whether or not weather the storm. It's kinda like when we all took pay cuts, but sales didn't b/c they were afraid the sales reps. would bad mouth the company. Who sees the customer more? The rep. or the driver? Alot doesn't make sense....then again I'm just a dumbass driver and this kind of crap is going on at other companies as well I suppose. Rant over....
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    I'm having trouble understanding the layoff myself. I'm seeing more freight now and and steadily argueing with central about how many trailors I can load out in JKS.

    If we are loading the freight to make it in one piece then we don't need to cram it on one trailor.If we load the freight to ride and make it in one piece then we as a company will need more drivers.

    Am I missing something or is it in plain sight but I'm looking the wrong way.

    If we keep cutting our workforce then we end up at the end of a one way street with no way out.

    I hope and pray that upper management knows what there doing.
  11. hasbeenking

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    They do...Just ask them:
  12. yeh ha! ha! just ask thats funny lol almost as funny as that we care we share bull crap funny that about the time this place started going downhill is the same time they quit putting that slogan on the trucks !!!
  13. othertrucker2001

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    God forbid this to come true---BUT----You don't think that with all that Yellow is going thru---that somehow these lay offs are related to Yellow's management-----just a thought.
  14. curious trucker

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    TM in MAD let go yesterday. We now have a combined TM for Green Bay, Wassau, and MAD located in Chicago area.
  15. Demolitionman

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    TM in RCM yesterday.
  16. truckdriver

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    When it is all said and done, Saia will be like Coway all satellite terminals will be dark
  17. TM in jcy today
  18. dirk61

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    TM in TFT jerry
  19. godswrath

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    tm in norfolk,va let go today. oh joy

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