BNA Daily Labor Report: Teamsters Threaten to Strike Again at Oak Harbor

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    March 2, 2009: A move by Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc. to give workers returning from a 157-day strike a reduced benefits package and to suspend 13 workers on “suspicious grounds” could incite another strike by members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the union announced Feb. 27.

    Union members began returning to work Feb. 25. According to the union, however, company documents show Oak Harbor “is preparing to illegally eliminate” the health care plan of returning workers, switch them to a substandard plan administered by the company, and abolish the workers' retirement fund.

    “It was our hope that the company would take our offer to return to work as a positive step toward resolving our differences,” said IBT International Vice President Al Hobart. “But it is now clear that Oak Harbor's owners and their union busting attorney are willing to sacrifice customers, ruin the lives of hard working union families, and drive this company into the ground to get rid of....

    BNA Daily Labor Report: Teamsters Threaten to Strike Again at Oak Harbor | Teamsters for a Democratic Union

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