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    Freebies and hot dogs are what they distract you with from the reality of not giving us anything substantial ( cola, improved benefits) . I personally take it as a undermining of are intelligence. We are here to make a living and provide fruitful gain for our labor. Last time I checked my mortgage company doesn't take payment in hotdogs.

    Compensate me fairly and I will have a hot dog party for them.
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    666 i'm going to tell you what upper management told me.
    The company is about making money and not about giving money.
    So just remember were here because this is our hobby. According to them were not here to make money..
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    What exactly do you consider fair compensation? Last I checked our pay is at the high end of drivers in this country
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    Instead of BINGO it is played with TRUCK, played it with another company years ago but it was drivers only; pretty nice gifts back around 25 years ago drills, stereos with 8 track, BBQ grills and Craftsman tool sets usually $100 item give or take; took about 3 weeks or 15 numbers or better before a driver hit the win; it was fair and fun different drivers pulled the number each day and posted it so no good ole boy program most of the cards was on the wall so everyone kept up with who had what, if you had an accident that driver fell off that round in order not to punish all the contestants. In October it was played as black out and extra nice gift about $300 was given So for about $1000 a year - 50+ drivers had a little smile and fun with each other. Some call it petty that's fine - a cook out at a fellow driver's back yard with his new grill a priceless memory
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    No, it is the little things that the boss did with the prizes that can make or break a company. One summer I framed apartments for a contractor. Come 4PM on Friday he had a table with beer & pop & pizza without fail. His way of saying thanks. We were always on time or finished the job early. To this day I believe the Contractor that did treated us like he did made the difference of staying in business. Now days most companies won't do something like that. It might cost them to much money. Let's say 200.00 per week to show how thankful you are to your crew. Now how much do you think a contractor might lose per week by not showing his appreciation? Just a guess, but more than 2 c notes. von.
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    Received an email that says feb 24th 4pm eastern is cutoff to make adjustments to 401k contributions from the bonus check ( or temporarily claim exempt status). So the bonus should only be two or three weeks out.
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    Yep. Your TM should have given you an update as to where your barn stands.
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    I ain't ever said anything on here that hasn't been said millions of times over the years. In shift meetings. In town halls. In employee surveys. The one thing you guys have right is that no one cares or listens. That is true as sin.
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