Borderwall on the Beach

Discussion in 'Politics' started by icuicp, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Well duh!!..... Yeah I know that... I was just making a joke........ Didn't think I'd have to explain that.....
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  2. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    I have said it before will again
    People that hire illegals need to be punished
    The problem is they have some form of documentation stolen forged, etc..... And they can't be checked out after all that would be racist
  3. seabreeze

    seabreeze Not Well Known Member, 60 Year Teamster Member

    Nah, you really thought the Redcoats were coming
  4. icuicp

    icuicp Well-Known Member

    I've mentioned the fact that businesses that profit off of cheaper labor.( Illegal immigrants ) should get as much attention as the actual illegals do. Their whole business model is based on cheap illegal labor.

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  5. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Well, they actually did.....but just not in the 1960's.... ...
  6. Bubba74

    Bubba74 Well-Known Member

    the Redcoats were already here
    we threw them out because they did not have proper documentation
  7. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash COMMON SENSE IS THE CURE.

    You won't get any argument here. I think that most of us agree that the businesses hiring the illegals is the root cause.
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  8. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    The problem is employers don't care .....they don't want to know.... They want the cheaper labor.....
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  9. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    That never happens.....its always easier to punish the undocumented workers.... And it makes it easier for the base, that has been "taught" to believe Corporations do no wrong, to hate immigrants and blame them for doing what any of us would do to support our families if the roles were reversed...
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  10. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    I've said it before, and will again.... It's not an illegal immigrant problem as much as it's an Employer problem....
    We agree on that...
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  11. pilot87

    pilot87 Well-Known Member

    Ok.... I agree.... So you're admitting that the undocumented workers aren't "stealing" American jobs then right?..... Its employers giving them away to foreigners..... Address the root cause....not the ones seeking better lives for their families........
  12. SuperCourse

    SuperCourse Well-Known Member


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