Bowel Movement "CSPF Trustees"

Discussion in 'Central States Pension Fund Discussion' started by sthomp2000, May 10, 2016.

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    We have done well with all of the meetings,protest, and movements. Now it is time for the bowel movement! That would be to remove Nyhan and all of the trustees involved in our pension fund. It might be small potatoes as far as the scope of our pension fund but keep in mind that Nyhan alone collects nearly $700,000 dollars a year. For most retirees that is 20 years of your pension at $3000 a month. I say he needs a colonoscopy to find and remove the part of the tumor that is ruining our pensions.This is the first place to start to repair our pensions, he has blamed everyone else for the downfall and vows to do nothing and let everyone else fix the problem. As I read his response I asked myself, why are we paying him, he needs to be fired! This needs to happen, let's figure out how to do this. If he was an honorable man he would resign, but he isn't, he is greedy, can't you tell!
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    You are on to something there, A Representative out of Mich sent a bill to congress with about 22 senators signing, asking for any pension fund to be cut the director of the funds and his workers and trustees' take the same cut in their pay. That may only be a drop in the bucket, but it is our bucket. :1036316054:
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    If Nyhans salary is cut 40-70% I doubt you'll have to fire him. He'd probably just quit and get a fat cat job at NCCMP
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    Why cut their pay, close the fund and give us what's ours.
    It's not our responsibility to employ the CSPF workers.
    They work for us and at this point are no longer needed

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