Brazile as DNC chair considered replacing Clinton with Biden

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rastus, Nov 4, 2017.

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    Former DNC leader Donna Brazile says she considered replacing 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with then-Vice President Joe Biden after Clinton fainted in the closing weeks of the White House race, according to full review of Brazile’s upcoming book published Saturday.

    Clinton fainted while attending an outdoor ceremony in New York City marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. But Brazile, then the interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman, had already known that Clinton has pneumonia, she writes in her upcoming book, according to The Washington Post, which received an advance copy.

    Brazile wanted Hillary out because of pneumonia?
    How about Hillary was repulsive, was going to lose and Donna Brazile knew it.
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    Hillary and Bill definitely reneged on whatever they promised "Ohhh Donna" by the way she's going after Hilly in the book, and to the extent she's doing it young Chelsey can forget politics (thank goodness), unfortunately this cleansing must mean "Ohhh Donna" is eying a political office, drat.
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    Brazille got canned from CNN for being the Clinton's mole and now is probably persona non grata at every other main street media operation. She's on the outside with nothing to bring to the table. Just another body, on a long trail of bodies, of people who had made a deal with the Clinton devil.
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    The Clintons are worth a quarter billion dollars
    they bought Bernie off for a mere $600K
    How much more could have Donna wanted?
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    I'd be willing to bet money that Donna Brazille attempted to make a deal with the Clintons for hush money, but they wouldn't part with their donors money.
    So she went with the book deal instead of the Clinton pay off. She could end up in a casket over the book deal though.
    Hopefully her quotes from the book continue to surface on the news versus people buying her book. She doesn't deserve to make any money off her book.
    She's no better than the Clintons, it's just that she got busted.

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