Brokers that don't pay! Help!

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by aproductive, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. aproductive

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    What can I do if the broker hasn't paid in over 30 days? Solution anyone?
  2. othertrucker2001

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    40 years ago, you poured lighter fluid on his desk, grabbed him by the collar, snatched him up over the desk and snap flicked your zippo. Today. Not so good.
  3. ABFer

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    Used to be able to write the ICC, don't know what you can do today, maybe small claims court. Haul another load for him and hold it hostage.
  4. Cerberus_Kelpie

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    Problem with the "Load held hostage" is the BROKEr can simply get the police involved and :fan:, unlike the Good Ole Days (before my driving).

    Some (Most, ALL??) BROKErs have stipulations (penalties/%'s removed from agreed Freight Rate) in the Load agreement against such peculiar things as:
    1) Arriving LATE for pick-up.
    1A) For delivery.
    2)Going A.W.O.L. or not appearing at all at pick-up or receiver.
    3) Keeping/Distributing/Selling the Load.
    4) % for prompt payment (within 30 days).
    As to non compliant BROKErs :cuss:, not many avenues other than personally fronting the people :draw: and demanding your payment (which have both worked and not worked).
    Did said Business of BROKEr have at least the supposedly REQUIRED $100,000.00 COVERAGE?

    I don't know what can be done apart from harassing phone calls as well contacting the usual gubmint agencies.
    If you be a Owner Op. contact O.O.I.D.A.

    Please keep US updated as to what does/did work and does/did not work.
  5. 20_yrs_2_go

    20_yrs_2_go So we got that going for us, Wich is nice

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    From what I have experienced o.o.i.d.a
    Website has a list of bogus brokers that you might want to print out for future use.
    Otherwise you have to be a member if you want them to help recover your losses
  6. Denis fmt

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    NOW A BROKER NOT PAYING YOU IS AN OLD COMMON PRACTICE now you can get your money if you have the guts to do it i have on several occasions. dont argue with the broker it falls on deaf eares , be nice , and load another load , take it down the road then stop, park the truck and call the broker , tell her that you have her load and you will deliver the load when you are paid all the money that is owed you encluding the load you now have , o she is going to pitch a fit but its legal she has to pay you, you cant sell it but you can hold it till your payed. just make sure you have paperwork to prove she owes you mony and how much she wont like it BUT SHE WILL PAY YOU and dont take a cheak unless its a com check.

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