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Discussion in 'US Foodservice' started by buffalobill, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. buffalobill

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    so how is everyone liking this new crap with uniforms? you cant wear anything except for what they say, and how they want it. I guess Philly is the only union shop in the country that actually thought to put uniform restrictions on the company, so they can at least still wear union hats and stuff like that. I don't know how anyone down south does it, these plastic shirts are something else, i liked the cotton ones much better, not nearly as hot.

    damn this place sucks!
  2. grocerythrower

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    I run into a USF driver a couple times a week at the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa, he is wearing a cream colored shirt with the new logo, instead of the black one, he says he don't like the shirt, its hot.

    Our blue shirts are hot too, very thick, they don't breath for squat, they will be nice in the winter but thats about it.
  3. buffalobill

    buffalobill Well-Known Member

    yep, same thing as ours, tan/cream colored, not BAD looking, but the enforcement is ********! they want us tucked in and buttoned up, all day! total bull****, we never negotiated on this! when i was hired, up until a month ago, there was no enforcement on the policy, which was nice. people would still wear the uniforms provided to some degree, but you could wear a t shirt, or wear your own pair of shorts, and no one cared. the customers don't care either way, and management is wasting time on this?! if they want to save money, why don't they try and get rid of useless management, and bring the morale of the workers up by getting the **** off our backs!

    I was written up already for wearing my own brown belt, instead of their cheap pos black cloth one!
  4. Chicken_Man

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    I was taking a drug test and physical today and there was a US Foods driver in there with the cream colored uniform on, and it looked very uncomfortable. I would hate that thing during the summer, and you have to button it up all the way and tuck it in??? Yeah I'd say that pretty much sucks lol.
  5. kevin653

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    Collared shirts , get a doctor letter saying they cause dermatology problems on neck ( bumps ,ingrown hairs , whatever ), then wear t shirts or sweat shirts. Just dont be caught with a collar shirt though, ever !

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