Builtmy first ever set of doubles

Discussion in 'General Food Service Discussion' started by MikeJ, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Today I built my first set of doubles in the yard at work. It wasn't all that hard either got it together pretty good. It's no big deal you hook the dolly up to the pin-tel hook on the first trailer then you hook up the chains and then do all the air lines and electrical and all that good stuff. Raise the landing gear on the rear trailer and of course make sure the dolly is all hooked in and the safety latch is around the lock jaws and hooked in.

    It wasn't all that hard went back pretty easy.
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    It's not hard by any means but with all the steps the key safety wise like alot of stuff is get your "own" system hooking and checking and rechecking, don't vary it, don't listen to someone who says "thats not the way I do it", make it your own and stick with it.
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    I agree wholeheartedly, after I hooked a set I did a final walk around I had the number of steps involved numbered so to speak. I would walk around and touch everything and count As I touched things, glad hands, fifth wheel jaws, pintle latch, everything. And kboomerang is right, get your system stick to it and if someone distracts You start over.
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