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  1. a9faninnc

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    RRR....Richmond renovated resort..Hey guys,I think a pool with an open poolside bar would be just the thing to spice up the place:1036316054:....Seriously though,everything is greatly appreciated.
  2. When you guy's get organized you won't have to sleep with the bed bugs and **** roaches. Wake up and smell the coffee. it's time.Go For It
  3. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think you're in the wrong forum but thanx for your concern.Clean up your organizations doorsteps before trying to lead someone else to the "light"...
  4. I guess some people just like livin above the poverty line.
  5. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    :hysterical:Maybe one day,everyone will wise up and come to work for your perfect organization.I can tell its perfect by reading all the threads in here that tell how good you guys have it.:hysterical:Also,if you read the entire thread,some of our concerns are being addressed that we had issues with.Hell,we didnt even have to cast a vote to get it done:chairshot:

    You like your representation??Good for you,im happy for ya.However all drivers may not think like yourself and others and have a different perspective.Does that make me right or you right??Niether,in my opinion.We just have a DIFFERENT perspective on things.

    As for the poverty line statement.I support my family,pay my bills,and even manage a few extras for myself and family.If thats just above the poverty line,so be it.....Thanx and have a good day:1036316054:
  6. bigbird42368

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    how many unions have priced themselves out of jobs in all kinds of industries? it want be long till the trucking unions do the same. I'll bet we still have a job here when all the union drivers are out of a job. It says a lot for us to work for a company that operates debt free. I make more money then i ever have before and don't pay any dues to do it .Time you pay your dues, you make the same as i do. I live above the poverty line thanks to God first then Wilson Trucking.
  7. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well,I can understand differing viewpoints,but to have a thread hijacked with such a controversial subject as organization,on a non-organized forum is uncalled for...
  8. TheBigR

    TheBigR Member

    It's been taken care of. Will keep an eye on your thread. Let us know if your having a problem. It's hard to keep up with everything with 10,000 members.
  9. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    thank you BigR
  10. madjts

    madjts New Member

    I have a request to register concerning the bunk rooms. As a floater again I carry my laptop with me and go online when I am staying in hotels, but staying in the bunk rooms I don't get that. I get a signal but access is passcode protected.
    Any way to allow drivers online access from the bunk rooms?
    Please run that by the IT department and advise if that would be possible
    Also thanks for the measures being taken to up grade the bunks.

  11. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    madjts, i asked about this one time before and was told that Wilson doesn't have enough bandwith to let drivers on plus all their staff, but maybe they will take a new look at it
  12. Easyrider

    Easyrider Member

    Bandwidth was an issue at one time but I do not think that is the same problem today that it once was. It is as much a security issue as anyting else with the data on our main frame. Not being a computer guru I am thinking that we can separate the operating data from the internet useage. I will follow up and advise.
  13. 571ng3r

    571ng3r Member

    Bunkroom Internet access would be awesome! :funky:

  14. Oddball

    Oddball Member

    It would not be hard to provide Internet acces to Drivers- computers on the network can be made undiscoverable- Bandwidth shouldnt be an issue since not that many drivers bring thier laptops and simply surfing the internet doesnt eat up bandwidth like downloading movies or files does...I see a wireless modem in valdosta that noone seems to have access to but Greg that put it there- whats the point of that? LOL
  15. Bunkrooms in General

    Good afternoon Gentlemen,

    I have not heard much as far as the bunkrooms go in the past few months.

    Are they by and large staying clean?

    Just wondering and have not heard anything.

  16. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    Everything is fine in "Music City"..:1036316054:
  17. nightship57

    nightship57 New Member

    gbo is worst one i have seen, mattresses extra hard,only 3 rooms had pillows,those rooms not cleaned,they have people in an office in the middle of the bunkroom???no tv ,couch ,only chair found was metal folding chairs.
  18. a9faninnc

    a9faninnc Super Moderator Staff Member

    Nightship,welcome to Truckingboards.I heard they were gonna put an office downstairs after the Eden merge,I guess that was true..
  19. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hopefully after the remodel they will do some work to the bunkrooms there now. Now that easyrider and leadfoot have seen these post they will look into it for us. They have been good about fixing the bunk problems
  20. bigbird42368

    bigbird42368 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The only complaint i've been hearing from drivers is that the satellite channels are not good ones, they could really use local stations too

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